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One of the natural laws of the business world is that people do business with those whom they know, like, and trust. This means that you will do business with those whom you know, like, and trust. And others will do business with you if they know you, like you, and trust you[1].

For consultants, coaches, and freelancers you are your brand!  To attract and convert clients it’s important that your potential clients have an opportunity to get to know you.  This is a great way to create trust, which leads to conversion.


To know you, your potential client must ‘get’ you. This kind of knowing is not surface knowledge where people have seen your name, logo, brand, or content. In that kind of knowing, people recognise you and know you exist. You’re not a total unknown or stranger. They know about you or of you.

The kind of knowing you want – the kind that opens up greater possibilities for stronger relationships that can lead to sales – is deeper – the kind of knowing that follows when someone shares private details and understands what sits at your core or foundation.

Your website and social platforms are used to enable this and in particular the use of short videos on Instagram.


To like you, your potential client must connect with you. 

Liking comes down to being open and honest, to being who you are, and to sharing common interests. Just be open about your insights and talents, and how you can use them to serve (not sell).

To get people to like you the following tactics can be used:

– Create content that inspires people and makes them feel good – aspirational content.

– Recognise that you’re selling to people – people who are consuming your content. Use second-person language. It’s far more personal and increases a sense of connection.

– Provide real value in your content, not a sales spiel – create and distribute apps, checklists, best-practice guides, research results, and how-to’s.

– Show your personality and style. How about giving the reader a sense of your business’ culture? Is your ideal client a risk taker, or does she shy away from risk? Tap into the story in your audience member’s head.


To trust you, your potential client must feel safe.  Although the trust element is easier to work into content, it’s harder to answer the question, “What does it mean to trust someone?” I like this definition from Tam Thao Pham posted on Quora:

“Trust is about the intersection of the past and future. It’s taking the evidence of the past (sometimes your own past and references) and extrapolating that into the future – what can I expect going forward? – and then being able to apply this information within a context of risk.

“To trust a human being is to be able to anticipate generally how (that person will) behave in most of the future situations in which you might encounter them, and to feel comfort in taking an (often emotional) risk based on that (anticipated behaviour).”

However, how do you give potential clients a sense of trust if they haven’t done business with you yet? How can you build enough trust so potential clients feel good about saying yes?

Here are a few ideas.

– Provide social proof. Share testimonials from people who have consumed your services.  This is already on your website.  You could use these as a post on your socials too.

– Share stories of how you successfully helped others achieve results. Do this both online and offline. This is where PR can play a role in your marketing mix.

– Be transparent. Let people see who and what you are — and who and what you’re not.

– Offer a money-back guarantee. This tactic doesn’t work for every business, but a guarantee goes a long way toward building trust.

– Be accessible. Place your contact details on every page of your site in a sidebar or a footer. From the potential client’s perspective, it’s nice to be on someone’s site and see you can reach them easily.

Know, like, and trust are the real things that affect how people perceive your brand.

[1] Renae Gregoire – Content Marketing Institute

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