Marketing management

Ok so now you have your strategy in place, and there’s a lot of great stuff in it that you know will grow your brand. However, you may still be low on the most precious of resources . . . that’s your time. You still need to run your business right? Once again we would be happy to help you out, a sort of a virtual marketing manager (without all the employment stuff).

We can do the following for you:

Strategic planning – 12-month marketing plan and budget

Brand management – ensuring your brand is always seen in a positive and consistent way across all channels, including brand tracking

Coordination of media planning – buying media e.g. radio, TV, press, print

Email marketing strategy and management – content creation, testing and sending

Content marketing strategy and implementation – management of consistent messaging across all platforms whether it be PR, social media, website content, print material, etc.

Social media advertising management – design and management of cost-per-click advertising throughout the Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms

Monthly reporting – analytics and reporting across all your marketing channels from reach, right through to conversion

The way we work

Collaborative – We work with and respect our client’s business.

Enthusiasm – We bring energy, endurance, and fun to everything we do.

Clarity – We make complex, simple.

Transformation – By sharing knowledge and using insights we endeavour to inspire others to transform to be a better version of themselves

If you like the way work, let’s grab that coffee and have a chat

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