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If you are ready to get that marketing activity to work for you, lets grab that coffee and we can discuss the approach, your brand and of course the mulla involved.

Marketing management

Ok so now you have your strategy in place, and there’s a lot of great stuff in it that you know will grow your brand. However, you may still be low on the most precious of resources . . . that’s your time. You still need to run your business right? Once again we would be happy to help you out, a sort of a virtual marketing manager (without all the employment stuff).

We can do the following for you:

Strategic planning – 12-month marketing plan and budget

Brand management – ensuring your brand is always seen in a positive and consistent way across all channels, including brand tracking

Coordination of media planning – buying media e.g. radio, TV, press, print

Email marketing strategy and management – content creation, testing and sending

Content marketing strategy and implementation – management of consistent messaging across all platforms whether it be PR, social media, website content, print material, etc.

Social media advertising management – design and management of cost-per-click advertising throughout the Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms

Monthly reporting – analytics and reporting across all your marketing channels from reach, right through to conversion

Digital marketing

With everyone on social media (and we mean everyone), you as a savvy business owner knows that you need to be on there too. But its not that easy, with the ever changing algorithms, social media rules, new and quirky platforms appearing, its a minefield out there.

You can post, maybe you can even do ads but growing and engaging the right audiences can be time consuming and frankly its not your gig. That’s why we are here, cause this is our gig and we would love to help you out.

We can help you with the following:

Social media strategy

Content plans

Facebook and Instagram management

Connecting to other social media accounts

Research of trending keywords and hashtags

24/7 monitoring, responding and interacting with followers, likes and comments

Monthly reporting of analytics, optimising and adjusting the plan

Marketing Services