How many hashtags should you use?

The number of hashtags to use for Facebook is vastly different than what you would use for Instagram. On Instagram best practice is to use 30 hashtags while for Facebook it’s completely pointless adding loads of hashtags for the sake of it or adding hashtags that no one is going to monitor or care about.  It’s recommended to use one or two (maximum four) hashtags when they make sense and when you use something relevant that people can filter on to find more relevant conversation.

4 Great Ways to use a Virtual Marketing Manager

Development of a marketing strategy – by working with a virtual marketing manager, you will be able to put all your ideas into a strategic plan and ensure that you have a blueprint for the marketing activities that your small business will engage in over the next 12 months.

Refresh your company brand – now is a great time to think about your brand and how it is communicated.

Lead generation – virtual marketing managers can take your lead generation activities to a new level. No matter what lead generation campaign you have in mind or you need for someone else to develop, a virtual marketing manager certainly will add value and will make it happen – particularly when you need it most.

Write a press release and distribute it to key media outlets so you get some free advertising via PR.